Creatures of the internet: Internet Troll

Today i will talk about the main iconic figures in the internet.They
are,animals,humans(sometimes they can be called animals too) and other
things invented by people who frequently use the internet.

Internet Troll

And the first one of our series was invented by the internet:Troll.No,he
is not the same Troll you watched in Lord Of The Rings or read about in
other Medieval Fantasy stories.This one is green and ugly and everyone
can be him.He likes to go in discussion forums provoking other users on
his posts and while some will laugh,others may take it seriously and argue
with.The result is that both troll and serious user get warned
or banned in these cases,the troll was successful.He also may try to
make everyone belive in something new,however whatever new thing is
it’s more fake than a two dollars note and will trick everyone.

He’s so famous that his pictures about him all over the internet
are frequently used as jokes on users commentaries.Here are some:

Troll Successful

Unsuccessful Troll

Troll hate

Troll new fags

The next episode of Creatures of the internet will contine in the near future.